Men’s Coaching


Men and dads


To provide men direction, help and encouragement as they strive to be a better father, husband and positive role model to their children.


Men’s classes that are designed to engage men and fathers. These courses are FREE and they will give men and father’s some important principles that will help them be better leader’s in their families. Each course is designed to be very interactive; you will not be sitting in class listening to a lecture the whole time.

Plus, if you attend class, we will PAY you just for showing up. That’s right, if you come to one of our Men’s classes you will get paid in “Daddy Dollars” which you can use to purchase items from our store. Our store is packed with everything that you could need from diapers and formula to car seat’s and strollers.

One on one male coaching is also available and it is designed to meet your needs. We have a nice pool table at our building where men can hang out and just “chat.” One on one male coaching can also be done in a more casual setting out in public if you prefer.

Are you MAN enough to be a dad? This guy is…(click here to watch video)


300 West High St. Elkhart IN 46516. View on map.


Monday-Friday by appointment call (574) 522-3888